Nikki Wylie - Tour Guide and Bar and Production Operative

Having worked seasonally with the Orkney Wine Company and then at a specialist whisky retailer on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, joining the Orkney Distillery team was a natural fit for Nikki when she returned home from University. She has proved a dab hand at helping to make and bottle the gin as well as selling it, so splits her time between the bar and the production area. When not being part of creating tasty gin, Nikki can likely be found being creative in other ways such as on the stage, acting her heart out for one of the local amdram groups.

What do you like most about working at the Orkney Distillery?

I like working with such a small team where everyone gets involved in all aspects of the business. I can be making coffee one moment and bottling gin the next! I love the variety.

What is your favourite drink from the bar?

A double Arkh-Angell over ice with a slice of dried pink grapefruit. No mixer needed!