Beyla – Honey & Raspberry Old Tom Gin – 50cl

In Norse mythology, Beyla was the goddess of bees, with a strong connection to the earth.  

At Orkney Distilling, we share her bond with the land, growing our botanicals here in the islands, where the influence of the Norse gods can still be felt.  

We’ve added Orcadian honey and Scottish raspberries to our legendary Kirkjuvagr Gin to create this special spirit in homage to the goddess.  


Tasting Notes 

Fresh Scottish raspberries bring extra fruitiness and colour to our classic Kirkjuvagr gin recipe, while balancing the sweetness introduced by our island honey.  


Beyla - Honey & Raspberry Old Tom Gin - 50cl


Vol. 50cl
40% ABV


Perfect Serve

We recommend serving Beyla with a light Indian Tonic, or for a sweeter finish with a good quality lemonade. Either way, garnish with plenty of fresh raspberries.