After graduating in 2018 from Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen, Anna returned to Orkney and launched a successful career as a ceramicist - creating her unique designs for exhibitions and private clients. When not firing up the kiln, Anna can be found working on the advertising side of the business and creating content for our social media pages.

What do you like most about working at the Orkney Distillery?


I have a passion for handmade locally sourced products so working for a business that produces small batch, hand crafted produce is something I really enjoy and have learnt a lot from!

I really like being able to use my creative input towards our advertising & marketing content and managing the events here at the distillery means I get to work closely with our team as well as the clients who come to the distillery to host their special events. Making sure their experience with us is as enjoyable as possible is something I find really rewarding.


What is your favourite drink from the bar?

Kirkjuvagr with an elderflower tonic and a slice of orange to garnish for a slightly sweet refreshing drink!

Kirkjuvagr Orkney Gin bottles

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