Gin stills in the Orkney Distillery, Kirkwall

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Welcome, adventurer! Your epic Orkney saga has begun.
We invite you to enter our new distillery and visitor centre in Kirkwall, to toast the gods and learn the secrets behind our legendary Kirkjuvagr Orkney Gin.
If you seek the true essence of Orkney, we urge you to join us!

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The Orkney Distillery building in Kirkwall

Orkney Distillery Tours

Scheduled tours and tastings running daily with additional tours added during peak season.

Situated on Kirkwall’s harbour-front, The Orkney Distillery is the ideal attraction for gin enthusiasts looking for a quality visitor experience in the heart of Orkney’s main town

Gin making at the Orkney Distillery, Kirkwall

The Gin Making Experience

Spend the afternoon with us here at The Orkney Distillery. Our staff will take you on a full tour to explore the process of making our Kirkjuvagr gins. You will then craft your own gin recipe under the guidance of our staff, with over 30 botanicals to choose from.

Kirkjuvagr Orkney Gin bottles

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