Saturday 8th of June marks this year’s World Gin Day! 🍸

Saturday 8th of June marks this year’s World Gin Day! 🍸

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As well as being one of the nation’s favorite tipples, did you know that gin has a notable history of being used as medicine?

Gin’s origin can be traced back to the Netherlands in the 13th Century! Although initially known as ‘genever,’ the spirit was made from distilling malt wine to around 50% ABV and, as we’re sure you can imagine, it wasn’t particularly pleasant!

Over time, the distilled spirit was flavored with herbs and spices and juniper berries were also added to the drink for their medicinal properties. Today, a distilled spirit must include juniper to legally be called a gin and be at least 37.5% ABV.

When creating our range of Kirkjuvagr gins, we were determined to pay homage to our Viking heritage through a connection that runs deeper than just our name…

To do this, we use carefully selected botanicals – one of which was brought to our islands centuries ago by ancient seafarers! For those of you who have previously been to see us at our Visitor Centre, you may have spotted a small crop of our signature botanical – Arkh-Angelica, growing at our distillery herein Kirkwall! This species of angelica complements our distinctive blend oflocally grown botanicals.

We like to think the Vikings would have heartly approved of how we approach our craft…after all, they didn’t mess around, and nor do we!


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