It's World Bee Day! 🐝

It's World Bee Day! 🐝

Though you may not know it, bees play an important role here at The Orkney Distillery…

In Norse mythology, Beyla was said to be the goddess of bees and fertility, with a strong connection to the earth and at Orkney Distilling, we share her bond with the land, handcrafting our gin with precision and care.

We’ve added Orcadian honey to our legendary Kirkjuvagr Gin recipe, to create this special offering to the goddess. Fresh Scottish raspberries bring extra fruitiness and colour, while balancing a natural sweetness introduced by our island honey.

The bees providing this premium quality ingredient actually fly a path taking them across our botanical crops that are grown and harvested from our local Agronomy Institute! Thus, deepening the significance of our special homage to Beyla.

World Bee Day allows us to acknowledge the vital role that bees and other pollinators play in our ecosystem as well as focusing on the importance of preserving them.

And, with every third spoonful of the world’s food relying on bees and various other pollinators, it seems only right that we are able to recognise this day and help celebrate it with this bespoke spirit.

To celebrate, we’re including a FREE packet of bee-saving wildflower seeds with every order of Beyla – Honey & Raspberry Old Tom. While stocks last!

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