Review - The Gin Foundry

It’s a lovely gin, surprisingly delicate for its robust hometown and evocative of summer strolls and handfuls of poppies, plucked from the beach.

Review - Inverurie Gin Club

The nose is light and fresh - there is a sweet smell of pine and top notes from citrus that glisten with sherbet. All in all, the balance is clever, understated and tastes easy. This gin has person...

Review - The Gin Guide

Kirkjuvagr Gin delivers on flavour, complexity and personality in a way that many new gins can't match, and it deserves the big future the founders are aiming for.

Review - Gin and Tonic Reviews

The citrus just sparkles like the sun glinting off the crests of waves whilst the juniper is mild in the background. There is a really lovely combination of floral angelica and rose with the orange...

Review - Scotland Eats Out

After trying many new gins over the last year we can say this would now easily make the top 10 that we have ever tried, it really was that good.
Kirkjuvagr Orkney Gin bottles

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