The Orkney Distillery building in Kirkwall

Whisky News

You may have noticed that we have our licences to distil Orkney Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

If you would like to be kept updated, watch this space or email to register your interest.

We have had some exciting movement in the Distillery over the last few weeks. Part of our brand-new whisky set-up was installed in the Distillery...

After six years of production, The Orkney Distillery is well known for the distillation of exceptional gin. However, gin was never the long-term aim and the pandemic delayed everything by two years. Single Malt Whisky production was always planned and indeed designed into the distillery building. 

As such, we are very close to distilling our single malt scotch whisky and rum.

Kirkjuvagr Orkney Gin bottles

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