Arkh-Angell - Storm Strength Orkney Gin - 70cl

Arkh-Angell - Storm Strength Orkney Gin - 70cl

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Stronger - More Intense - Our Testament to Seafarers

Arkh-Angell is our Navy Strength gin and pays homage to the proud seafaring heritage of Orkney.

It retains the smoothness and characteristics of our original Kirkjuvagr, but at 57% ABV, the increased strength brings new depths to its complex flavour profile.

Arkh-Angell is a tribute to generations of island seafarers, and carries the name of a local fishing boat that has a place close to the heart of many Orcadians.  The gin’s name also reflects the use of a locally grown variety of Norwegian angelica, called Archangelica, taken to the Islands centuries ago by sailors from the North.


Great tast 2022 award

Perfect Serve

Arkh-Angell pairs wonderfully with tonic and pink grapefruit. Our storm strength gin is also incredible neat, over ice with a sprig of mint.

Customer Reviews

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Richard Parker
God it’s good

Excellent gin. Been drinking it for years. The flavours are amazing.

Anne Smith

It was a gift and I haven't had feedback yet.

Lyndon Marquis
My favourite gin for a Gibson martini

Been really enjoying this in a Gibson martini - 75 ml Arkh-Angell with 5 ml Dolin dry vermouth and 3 silverskin onions - so strong it makes my lips tingle but is somehow still really smooth. How do you *do* that, Kirkjuvagr‽

Superb gin but lose vegvísir from the branding - you *must* know it’s from an Icelandic Christian grimoire written in 1860 and is about as viking as I am. Otherwise, no notes, keep up the good work.

Kirsteen Pritchard
Super smooth

Super smooth strong gin. Beautiful bottle. What's not to like.

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