Beyla - the future is rosy

Beyla - the future is rosy

It has been a really exciting time at the the Orkney Distillery as we gear up to launch a fifth gin to our range. Our latest addition will be an Old Tom style pink gin that combines rare Orcadian honey with fresh Scottish raspberries.  
Beyla – named after the Norse goddess of bees – continues our distinctive brand themes, which draw inspiration from the Viking and seafaring heritage of the islands.
The Orcadian honey being used in Beyla comes from bees that frequent the gardens of the Agronomy Institute in Kirkwall, where we grow key botanicals used in the production of our gins.
“Orkney provenance is hugely important to us, across all elements of our business, from the inspiration for our branding to our locally grown botanicals,” said Orkney Distilling’s managing director, Stephen Kemp. “In Norse mythology, Beyla was the goddess of bees, with a strong connection to the earth, and we share that bond with the Orkney landscape.”
“When we learned that one of our friends, who is a local beekeeper, was producing honey from bees flying a path over, and frequenting, our botanical crops, we jumped at the chance to incorporate it into our latest gin. It just deepens the significance of the product in terms of how it connects with our brand themes and ideals. We also believe customers appreciate the authentic provenance and quality of our ingredients.”
Fresh Scottish raspberries bring extra fruitiness and colour to the 40-per-cent (ABV) Beyla - developed from our signature Kirkjuvagr Gin - while balancing the sweetness brought by the island honey. 
Beyla will be officially launched to coincide with World Gin Day, on Saturday 8 June. The gin will be available from Orkney Distilling’s online shop, our distillery and visitor centre and from quality independent retailers across the country. 
Keep your eyes on our social media channels throughout the week for an opportunity to get your hands on one of the first bottles released! 

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Beyla Honey and Raspberry Old Tom Gin - Available to buy now

Beyla Honey and Raspberry Old Tom Gin - Available to buy now

Let us tickle you pink – Beyla is now available to buy online. ⠀

Named after the Norse Goddess of Bees and influenced by our Island’s flavours, Beyla uses the finest Orkney honey, alongside fresh Scottish raspberries to create this unique Old Tom Style pink gin. ⠀

We are sure that is going to be a summer favourite…the future is rosy!⠀

All of our products can be sent to a UK address directly, with a gift message included.

Harvesting botanicals at the Orkney Distillery

A couple of days ago, we took advantage of the sunshine and began harvesting the first ever crop of Angelica Archangelica from our planted bed right outside the Orkney Distillery here in Kirkwall!

A key botanical for all of our gins, it was when developing the original Kirkjuvagr Orkney Gin recipe that we discovered a local legend that spoke of a variety of Angelica brought to the islands by Norse sailors centuries ago.

This Angelica can still be found growing wild, on the Island of Westray today, indeed our healthy crop of plants were grown from seed taken from Westray by the UHI’s Agronomy Institute.

In gin making, we use the root of the angelica plant, and so Nikki can be seen here painstakingly unearthing every strand of root from the soil, before taking it inside for a thorough clean with fresh water. From there it will be dried and shredded in preparation for use as a botanical ingredient.

Eat and Drink Festival Success

Eat and Drink Festival Success

Our Head Distiller Louis travelled down to Glasgow last weekend to showcase Kirkjuvagr Orkney Gin at the renowned Eat & Drink Festival. The event was a great success with people travelling from all over Scotland and beyond to sample the fine array of foodie delights and premium drinks. We loved meeting so many people who are passionate about craft products - thank you to everyone who came and saw us on the stand.

Louis is off again this weekend down to the Taste of Grampian Food & Drink Festival in Inverurie so come and see us there for a sample and a chat about our gins, we’re on stand 320. 

Kirkjuvagr Orkney Foy Gin - our newest release to celebrate the Orkney Folk Festival

Kirkjuvagr Orkney Foy Gin - our newest release to celebrate the Orkney Folk Festival

To celebrate the 2019 Orkney Folk Festival, we are delighted to announce the launch of our brand new gin - FOY!

Music is the beating heart of Orkney, a constant of island life for generations. Tunes connect us with our past, uniting old and young in an aural celebration of what it is to be Orcadian. Our love of music is also the foundation for friendships that span the globe, and the catalyst for many of our wonderful festivals. This special edition of Orkney Distilling’s Kirkjuvagr gin pays homage to the traditional island Foy, an eagerly anticipated night of music and entertainment.

We are proudly donating a part of the proceeds from sales of Orkney Foy gin to the Orkney Folk Festival, ensuring the future of this internationally renowned community event.


Click here to purchase a bottle of Foy. 

London Spirits Competition Bronze

Four Bronze Medals at the London Spirits Competition

We are extremely excited to announce that three of our gins - Kirkjuvagr, Arkh-Angell, and Harpa - have each been awarded a bronze medal at the London Spirits Competition.

This rounds up a very successful April after Arkh-Angell received two awards at the Tokyo Whisky and Spirits competition earlier in the month!

The London Spirits Competition is judged by a host of well-known bartenders, bar owners, and innovators across spirits and mixology. The competition looks to recognise not only the taste, but also the value and design of the product, which is why we are so pleased to have been awarded this, as it takes into account all aspects of the brand.